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Congratulations to New York State HPV Vaccination Honor Roll Award Winners

July 26, 2022

To: PCPs and Pediatricians

We want to congratulate the following provider offices on being honored by the New York State (NYS) HPV Coalition for achieving superior youth human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination completion rates in their practice:

  • Albany Medical Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Latham, NY
  • Plattsburgh Primary Care Health Partners, Plattsburgh, NY
  • Riverview Pediatrics, Troy, NY

The annual NYS HPV Vaccination Honor Roll recognizes offices that achieve 80-89% HPV vaccination completion rates among their patients who have turned 13. The NYS HPV Coalition’s mission is to increase HPV vaccination and prevent HPV-related cancers and diseases through education, coordination, advocacy, and leadership.

Despite strong education efforts, youth HPV vaccinations rates continue to remain low. According to the NYS HPV Coalition, at least 30% of adolescents in New York State are not fully vaccinated against HPV.

HPV is very common and it’s estimated that one in every four Americans has the virus. Many patients with HPV will experience no symptoms, and the virus will go away on its own. For others, however, HPV can cause serious health problems, including cancers of the cervix, vagina, vulva, penis, and anus. HPV causes about 36,500 cancer cases each year. HPV vaccination among adolescents is crucial in potentially preventing most cancers caused by HPV.

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