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Health Reimbursement Account

Take Control of Your Health Care

A Health Reimbursement Account or (HRA) is a tax-free way for your employer to set aside funds for you to pay for certain qualified medical expenses. Your employer will inform you of the expenses that can be reimbursed through this arrangement and will also advise you of any other rules and limits associated with your HRA.

How it works when you incur an expense:

  • Your employer with establish parameters for the HRA account. The account may be structured to provide reimbursement for your medical expenses incurred during the deductible portion of coverage if applicable, for copayments or coinsurance, for monthly premiums, or any combination. 
  • Funds in an HRA may be accessed by using a debit card. Or, if there is no debit card, reimbursement can be processed automatically, as claims are incurred at participating providers, or, you may be required to submit your own medical expenses on a claim for reimbursement. Again, your employer will determine how the HRA will work. 
  • If you have a debit card, you can pay with your card and the amount is automatically deducted from your HRA. 
  • You may also pay the provider by cash, check, or credit card and submit a paper claim to your HRA administrator for reimbursement.