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Helpful Tools

How to pay your bill

Easily pay online by credit or debit card. Manage your health plan and pay your premium. 

Sign up for an online member account

Access your claims, EOBs, member ID card, deductible balance, and more.


Access the most critical details of your health coverage at your fingertips. 

Insurance Basics

To make an informed decision about health insurance, you need to know your options, the costs, and the issues that could impact you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to find answers to your billing, claim forms, and other questions? Use our frequently asked questions section to get answers.


Health insurance can be confusing. Visit our glossary of frequently used terminology to help you better understand your health plan.

Your Claims

Easily manage your personal claims and expedite the submission process. 

Patient Safety

Improving patient safety is one of the most basic ways we can improve health care. 

Health Insurance Fraud

Health insurance fraud hurts everyone. Fraud compromises health and safety, which can cause harm to patients, and undermines confidence in the health care system.