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Health Promotion Programs

The program scope includes Worksite Health Promotion, Community Wellness Program, Discount Services, Health Education Materials, Smoking Cessation Programming, Childhood Health & Wellness, Health Coaching, The Good Life, Silver Sneakers Product, and Wellness Card Administration. Health Promotion provides a proactive, research-based approach to health that encourages members to maintain and improve their overall wellness. Health Promotion focuses on the prevention and management of chronic disease and health conditions by encouraging members to engage in healthy behaviors. Health Promotion employs a multi-faceted approach to promoting wellness by encouraging and guiding low risk members that are currently engaged in healthy behaviors and by educating and empowering members that are at higher risk for disease to change unhealthy behaviors. Health Promotion targets modifiable health behaviors, which affect many health issues including diet, exercise, stress management and tobacco use. Furthermore, preventive screenings and seeking providers’ advice are other important components of the program.

Collaborative Participation

We actively join other organizations to improve the health and well-being of the local community. Our health experts participate in many programs throughout the year with the goal of engaging as many members as possible. More details on collaborative participation are available in the Summary of Collaborative and Coalition Activities document.