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little boy eating an orange after a soccer game

HealthyLife Rewards: Eat Healthy and Save Money

HealthyLife Rewards, powered by NutriSavings, is a nutrition program that offers a variety of subscriber benefits. 

Benefits of HealthyLife Rewards:

  • Earn more than $500 by purchasing foods featured on the NutriSavings website.
  • Discover the nutritional score of your favorite products and learn healthier alternatives.
  • Save on healthy foods while getting great meal ideas and creating grocery lists. 

Who can participate?

HealthyLife Rewards is available to all commercial BlueShield of Northeastern New York members, with the exception of Medicare Advantage members, who are not eligible for the program. 

The program in a (healthy) nut shell:

  1. Register: After registering online, you have access to discounts on various healthy foods at participating grocery stores. 
  2. Shop and Score: When you go grocery shopping, remember to scan your grocery store loyalty card. Your score will go up or down based on the items you purchase—so choose healthy options like carrots, lettuce, and whole-grain bread. 
  3. Cash in: It's a win-win! Eat healthy and accumulate monetary rewards. 


For assistance with registration, please call NutriSavings Customer Service at 1-800-344-3593