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What is Live Fearless?

Fearless is a spirit and a mindset.
It's about being bold, not about being reckless.
It's about living free of worry. Free of fear.
Because you have the compassion of the cross
And the protection of the shield. 


BlueShield of Northeastern New York wants you to Live Fearless with the name trusted for over 70 years. Feel stable and secure with the card that'saccepted by over 90% of doctors, and opens doors in all 50 states.


Join us. Live Fearless.  



When was the last time you felt free? With the compassion of the cross, and the protection of the shield, you can Live Fearless.

Live Fearless Videos

Exercise doesn't always look like exercise.

Fake it 'til you make it. At least for two minutes.

Next step on the cardio circuit: flossing.

We're on a mission, to inspire a more fearless nation.

It's not your eyes that are too big for your stomach. It's the plate.

A nap a day is the new apple a day.

Don't take a seat. Take a stand.

Feel the grass between your toes.

Breathe new life with a bit of fresh air.

Strengthen immunity. Play in the dirt.

Start your day with a new wake up call.