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As President and CEO of Auto/Mate, Mike Esposito has always been dedicated to supporting employee health. He was personally committed to health and wellness too, exercising regularly, eating well, and going for his annual doctor check-ups - one of the 50 free, preventive services included in his Blues plan. 

It was at an annual doctor check-up that he mentioned he had trouble catching his breath. This conversation proved to be life-saving, as additional preventive screenings and tests showed that he had a serious, but treatable heart condition. 

Today, Mike is more committed than ever to health and wellness, sharing his story with his employees about the power of prevention. 

photo of mike esposito

"I had a real wake-up call. Now, I regularly discuss my experience with my employees. When people see other people getting healthier and taking control of their lives, they want to join in and be a part of it.  Success breeds success."


- Mike Esposito, CEO, Auto/Mate