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Your Prescription Benefits

Your member ID card gives you access to nearly 70,000 pharmacies nationwide. To compare prices of medications and identify lower-cost alternatives, please use our price a medication tool. In addition, Express Scripts mail order pharmacy can deliver long-term medications right to your door. All this and more is available through your membership.

Member Resources and Tools

Additional Resources

Price a Medication Online Tool

Whether you fill your prescriptions at a local pharmacy or have them delivered, our tool helps you select the lowest-cost pharmacy, identify lower-cost alternatives, and compare brand-name and generic costs.1

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Identify Lower-cost Alternatives
  • Log in to your secure portal at and select Manage my prescriptions
  • If this is your first time visiting, you’ll need to take a moment to register. Have your member ID card handy
  • Once signed in, click Price a Medication

Mail-order Prescription Savings

You can save both time and money with mail-order prescriptions through the Express Scripts home-delivery program. Your maintenance medications are delivered right to your door about 5-7 days after your prescription is received and delivery is free.2

Mail-order Benefits
  • Up to a 90-day supply of each covered medication (compare to a typical retail 30-day supply)
  • Online refill reminders
  • Convenient payment options
  • Pharmacists available 24/7 to answer your questions
  • Eliminates the need to travel to a pharmacy
  • Refill requests online, by mail, or by phone anytime, day or night

Preventive Medications

As part of the Affordable Care Act, most members have access to more than 350 preventive medications at a $0 cost-share.3

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ACA Preventive Drug List Benefits
  • Includes brand-name and generic drugs
  • Some plans may have an expanded preventive drug list. Please review your benefit summary documents or contact customer service

Low-cost Generics Program

Pay $10 or less for a 90-day prescription of more than 400 generic medications through Express Scripts home-delivery pharmacy.4

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Benefits of Generics
  • Nearly 80% of prescriptions filled in the U.S. are generics
  • They work just like brand-name medications and have the same active ingredients
  • Many generics are manufactured by the same company that makes the brand-name medications
  • Generics are of the same quality, strength, and purity standards as non-generic

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy

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If you are on a specialty medication, please contact Accredo, Blue Shield’s preferred Specialty pharmacy.  Accredo will mail your specialty medications to your home or another secure location. Additionally, Accredo has specialized pharmacists who know and understand your conditions.  You can contact them for any questions you may have regarding your condition, the specialty medication, and/or any side effects you may be experiencing.