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Platinum Contracts

Our Platinum plans feature the lowest deductibles, copays, and other cost-shares. Although you'll have a higher monthly premium, a Platinum plan would work well if you receive medical care frequently and want to pay less for ongoing health care.

You can purchase a Platinum plan through BlueShield of Northeastern New York, or in the marketplace through New York State of Health. Please view the corresponding contracts below, based on where your plan was acquired.

2019 Contracts from BlueShield of Northeastern New York (OFF Exchange)

2019 Contracts from the New York State of Health (ON Exchange)

Ready to Enroll?

Contact a Navigator at the New York State of Health to assist with your enrollment in a 2018 and 2019 Qualified Health Plan. If you would like to enroll in coverage for December 1, 2018, contact the call center at 1-800-700-8482