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Small Business Plans

We love small businesses – and we know the challenges you face.
We offer a great selection of solutions to keep your employees, and bottom line, healthy.

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Platinum Plans

Your employees want more predictability for medical costs, even if it means paying a higher premium. They want to pay as little for care as possible.

Gold Plans

Your employees would rather pay a larger monthly premium to know that when they need care, their plan is going to cover the majority of the cost.

Silver Plans

Your employees get a premium that isn't as costly and the peace of mind that comes with knowing how much to keep in their rainy-day health fund.

Bronze Plans

Your employees want a lower monthly premium, but understand that when they need health care, they’ll be responsible for more of the cost.

Health Plan Features

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Network Options

We offer the flexibility to choose plan options that fit your budget, allowing you to offer your employees the benefit of health coverage while keeping your costs under control.

$250 Wellness Card

Your employees can use their wellness debit card for gym memberships!

$0 Services

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Powered by Sharecare, our health and wellness hub allows employees to track their health habits, and monitor sleep, stress, and fitness – all in real time.