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Innovative Coverage for Large Groups

At BlueShield of Northeastern New York, we provide Classic, Hybrid, and Custom plan designs that allow you to tailor solutions to meet the needs of your employees and business. Supported by local or national networks, our plans offer a wide range of options and progressive benefits which will drive the long term health of your workforce.

All plans offer flexible options and benefits including...

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Our classic plans focus on wellness and preventions while providing the most extensive health care coverage.

Classic plans include:

  • Copay-based plans
  • Low to mid deductible levels
  • Low to mid coinsurance options
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Our custom designs offer consumer driven plans that provide the greatest flexibility in health care coverage.

Custom plans include:

  • High deductible levels
  • Options for HSA and HRA qualified plans
  • Deductible followed by copay or coinsurance options
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Our blended plans encourage health lifestyles by involving employees in health care decisions.

Hybrid plans include:

  • Mid to high deductible levels
  • Options for HRA qualified plans
  • Deductible followed by copay and/or coinsurance options
  • First dollar coverage plans