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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become an authorized BlueShield broker?

Contact Marcy Mychaskiw, Broker Program Manager at 1-716-887-6913 or email

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are run on the first Friday of each month and are based upon the previous month’s paid premiums.

Who do I contact for commission questions?

Contact our Commissions Administrator Brenda Klimek at 1-716-887-8766 if you have any questions about commissions.

How do I become the Agent/Broker-of-Record for a group?

The group needs to send us an Agent/Broker-of-Record letter on their letterhead (to appoint you). The letter needs to include their group number, your name, agency name, and email address. There are template letters on our Forms page.

What size group am I able to market your products to?

There must be at least two (2) people eligible to enroll in a product.

Can I advertise BlueShield products?

What happens if I am terminated as the Agent-Broker-of-Record?

Your commission will end as of the last day of the month following the termination.

Will I be notified by BlueShield when I'm terminated as the Agent-Broker-of-Record?


What can I access or do once the Online Services Agreement is completed?

With basic access, you can change your password and use Quick Quote to calculate Blue Shield rates.

What are the referral requirements for specialists?

If a member's plan requires referrals to visit a participating specialist, the member's Primary Care Physician needs to issue a referral before the member sees the specialist in order to be covered.

How do I access a group's account-specific information?

Once your agency has been authorized to conduct business with Blue Shield, your client may choose to give an individual or your agency access to perform certain functions on their behalf.


Your client's group administrator will need to complete the appropriate HIPAA/Online Services Agreement to authorize access to you or your broker agency. Each person in your agency who receives the group's authorization must have also completed a Quick Quote Online Services Application.


You will only be able to access information on a subscriber or group if you are the current broker-of-record on all products the group offers. Please contact your Account Executive or Account Management Associate for assistance.

What account-specific information/transactions are available?

Subscriber Information: (Subscriber ID and Group ID required)

  • Subscriber address
  • Eligibility
  • Handicap/Student info
  • Order ID cards
  • Enroll new subscriber
  • Add dependents - to existing family contracts only
  • Reinstate eligibility to a subscriber or dependent
  • Change personal information for members
  • Terminate subscriber and/or dependent
  • Change address 

Billing Information (Group ID required)

  • Billing address
  • Late bill date and current amount due
  • Billing history
  • Payment history