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March is National Patient Safety Week

February 17, 2017

Patient Safety Awareness Week - United in Safety. 

Being involved and informed about treatment can help you have a safer experience with the health care system. Improving patient safety requires continuous learning and constant communication between caregivers, organizations, and patients. Take the following steps to make your health care experience safer:

Become a more informed health care consumer.

  • Research illness or conditions that affect you, possible options, and treatment plans.
  • Choose a doctor, clinic, pharmacy, and hospital experienced in the type of care you require. 
  • Ask your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and benefits plan coordinator questions. 
  • Seek more than one opinion. 

Keep track of your history.

  • Write down your medical history including your medical conditions, illnesses, immunizations, allergies, hospitalizations, all medications and dietary supplements, and any reactions or sensitivities. 
  • Write down the names and phone numbers of your doctors, clinics, and pharmacies. 

Work with your doctor and other health care professionals as a team. 

  • Share your health history and up-to-date health information with your care team. 
  • Make sure you understand your care and treatment. Discuss any concerns and ask questions. 
  • Pay attention. If something doesn't seem right, bring it up to your doctor or health care professional.

Involve a family member or friend in your care. 

  • Ask a family member or friend to assist you in understanding your care. 
  • They can go with you to appointments, help you ask questions, and help you understand care instructions. 

Follow the treatment plan agreed upon by you and your doctor. 

  • Receive all instructions verbally and in writing. Ask any questions about anything that is unclear. 
  • Take medications exactly as prescribed.
  • Use home medical equipment and supplies only as instructed.
  • Report anything unusual to your doctor.

For more information, visit our health and wellness section, or call one of our health coaches at 1-877-878-8785, option 2.