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2019 BlueShield Scholars Program

Congratulations to our 2019 BlueShield Scholars!

Now in its eighth year, our BlueShield Scholars program has awarded over 800 students throughout the Capital Region with scholarships to help them with their studies.

The BlueShield Scholars Program recognizes exceptional high school seniors who are pursuing higher education in the fields of health or human sciences. Students are selected because they exemplify our core values: teamwork, integrity, personal responsibility, passion, excellence, and respect.

All 101 BlueShield Scholars are featured in the Albany Business Review's 2019 Schools Report as well as in our online scholars portfolio.

To view our 2019 BlueShield Scholars, click here.
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BlueShield Scholar testimonials

"I am very happy with my choice in pursuing a career in the health sciences. I am very excited for what the next semester has to offer in the nursing program I am in. The classes are challenging and intriguing and the staff is very supportive! I have no doubt that I have chosen the right career path." - Jenna

"I have no regrets about my decision to choose the field of medicine. Although it is a long path to becoming a physician, it will be 100% rewarding in the end. I love my choice of school and being a Health Science major on a pre-med tract. Knowing that in the end, I will be that much closer to being a physician keeps me fueled to try harder and continue working toward good grades and completing my undergraduate degree." - Brody

"I love my studies in health sciences, and I am considering furthering my education after I receive a bachelor's degree." - Katie

"As the beginning of the second semester approaches, I am very excited and confident that a career in the health and human sciences is for me. I enjoy the sciences a lot and I am looking forward to my medical schooling as well as private medical practice in the long term. My motivation is simple - it's the lives that I will touch by the power of medicine and my compassion for healing. Each patient I see now in the hospital, and the many more I will encounter throughout my education and career keeps me motivated to enter a field that is daunting to most."  - Dillion